Stump Removal & Other Services in Akron, IN

Whether you need tree cabling/bracing, stump removal, debris clean-up or complete land grading at your Akron, Fulton County, Beaver Dam, Rochester, or Disko, IN property, HillTop Tree Service is the name to call. Not only do we have the right equipment to get the job done, we have the experience and commitment to excellent service that results in a better-looking landscape, every time.

  • Cabling/Bracing. Proper cabling and bracing provides trees with the extra support they need to maintain healthy growth patterns. Our professional cabling and bracing services completely stabilize trees, keeping them in place so they can continue to provide shade and natural beauty to your property.
  • Stump Removal. Tree stumps aren’t just an eyesore, they’re also a potential hazard on any landscape. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide professional stump grinding services, improving landscapes throughout the Akron, IN area. Clients choose us because we’re thorough when it comes to stump grinding. It’s a messy job, but we take care of all clean-up so you don’t have to.
  • Storm Damage Cleanup. Nature can take a toll on trees and other elements of your landscaping. After a storm, we’re the name to call for all storm damage cleanup needs. We’re on the scene right away, taking a detailed approach to clean up that leaves your property looking better than ever. We also come equipped to take down precarious tree limbs and damaged trees, before they cause even bigger issues. Call for tree damage cleanup!
  • Grading. Our grading services help promote better drainage and erosion control on your property. We rely on decades of experience and our heavy-duty equipment to provide professional grading services that make your landscape pop, clearing out any and all debris and leaving you with a clean slate to work with.

Safe, Efficient Tree Services

HillTop Tree Service provides a wide range of tree and site prep services, from bracing to tree damage cleanup, stump grinding to debris removal. We’re the team you can trust to get your landscape in perfect shape. Contact us today at 574-377-2478 for an estimate on cleaning and tree trimming.

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